December 25 venus transit astrology

From 5 th March, Mercury moving in retrograde mode enters last of air sign, Aquarius. From 10 th March, Mercury becomes direct in motion in Aquarius. From 17 th March Mercury reenters water sign Pisces. From 12 th April Mercury enters first of fire sign Aries.

Venus Transit In Libra (November 30 - December 25, 2015)

Mercury moves through the 5th house your sign. From 28 th April Mercury enters earth sign Taurus. Mercury moves through the 6 th house your sign. From 12 th May Mercury enters own sign Gemini. Mercury moves through the 7 th house your sign. From 29 th May, Mercury enters water sign Cancer. Mercury moves through the 8 th house for your sign. From 18 th June Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer. From 12 th July Mercury becomes direct in motion.

From 6 th August, Mercury enters fire sign Leo.

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Mercury moves through Ninth house your sign. From 21 st August Mercury enters own sign Virgo. Mercury moves through the Tenth house your sign. From 6 th September, Mercury enters air sign Libra. Mercury moves through 11 th your sign. From 28 th September Mercury enters water sign Scorpio. Mercury moves through the Eighth house for your sign. From 15 th October, Mercury becomes retrograde in Scorpio. Moving in retrograde mode reenters air sign Libra From 29 th October. From 5 th November, Mercury becomes direct in motion.

From 11 th November, Mercury renters last of Scorpio. From 2 nd December, Mercury enters last of fire sign Sagittarius. Mercury moves through your sign. From 21 st December Mercury enters last of earth Capricorn. Mercury moves through the second house till end of the year At the beginning Venus transits in last of air sign Aquarius. Venus moves through the Third house for your sign. From 14 th January, Venus enters its sign of exaltation, last of water sign Pisces. Venus moves through the 4 th house for your sign.

From 8 th February, Venus enters first of fire sign Aries. Venus moves through the 5 th house your sign. From 6 th March, Venus enters own sign Taurus. Venus moves through the 6 th house for your sign. From 4 th April, Venus enters air sign Gemini. Venus moves through the 7 th house your sign. From 13 th May Venus turns retrograde in motion in Gemini. From 25 th June Venus becomes direct in motion. From 8 th August, Venus enters water sign Cancer.

Venus moves through the 8 th house your sign. From 6 th September, Venus enters fire sign Leo. Venus moves through the Ninth house for your sign. From 3 rd October, Venus enters its sign of debilitation earth sign Virgo. Venus moves through the Tenth house for your sign. From 29 th October Venus enters own sign Libra. Venus moves through the eleventh house your sign.

Venus enters water sign Scorpio from 22 nd November.

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Venus moves through the 12 th house for your sign. From 16 th December, Venus enters last of fire sign Sagittarius. You may also try some changes in vehicle.

Astrology of December - Dream Big -

Time is good for love relationships and you should take advantage from that. Married people should plan some outings with family. This is also going to be an auspicious transit for religion and spirituality. Click here to know more about your sign: Cancer Zodiac Sign. Time is very good for expressing your feelings. You may buy some expensive gadgets. Creativity will come in your communication skills. You can make your new image with new clothes. Stay cautious regarding financial matters and invest carefully.

Click here to know more about your sign: Leo Zodiac Sign. Arrival of Venus in second house is considered auspicious. You will get financial benefits and a good tuning will remain among family members. Chances of meeting or chatting with distant friends are there. Your fame will also increase as per your abilities and time.

But, you have to take care of your health. Also, avoid excess of sexual desires, it may create losses.

Transit Talk - Venus Enters Capricorn (True Love Karmic Activation) Dec 17- Jan 2018

Property dealers and dealers of expensive things and vehicles will get good benefits. Click here to know more about your sign: Virgo Zodiac Sign. Lots of energy will flow in you due to arrival of Venus in ascendant, sexual desires will also increase. Your interest will increase in music and dance. Your efforts will give fruitful results.

Personal life will remain good. Minor reduction is possible in health, but there is no need to worry. Financial benefits are also possible from life-partner.

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Click here to know more about your sign: Libra Zodiac Sign. Twelfth house is very dear to Venus, so it will produce benefits for you. Minor health problems are possible, but they will not create much trouble.

Believe in your actions and move ahead. Venus may try to increase sexual desires a lot, so control yourself. Click here to know more about your sign: Scorpio Zodiac Sign. You will benefit greatly from friends. You are also likely to spend a great amount of quality time with them and enjoy. Your efforts will help in gaining success and relatives will also help. Temporary dejection is possible in love relationships, but later you will feel better.

Profits are also possible in work, but avoid spending unnecessarily. Click here to know more about your sign: Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. When the lord of tenth house will arrive in tenth house, it will surely give benefits.

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The natives of this sign can face economical problems in their familial life as well, and some of you may even borrow some money from your friends or relatives. Coming to your marital life, things will remain normal and though arguments may occur between you and your spouse over certain topics, but with your soft and sweet behaviour, you will be able to bring back the harmony in your relationship. Any rudeness or roughness in your speech can create problems in your workplace at this time. This is why, you are advised to remain polite with your colleagues.

Some ladies of this sign can cook the favorite dishes of their respective husbands to appease them. Due to this Mercury transit, the twelfth house of Capricorn natives will remain activated. As a result of the same, you need to remain careful because it can negatively affect your health. You can take assistance of yoga to remain fit, as well as include fruits and green vegetables in your diet. Certain problems can become a part of your marital life and their cause will be your stubborn nature. Due to this, you can even pressurize your spouse to agree to your demands. Your economic aspect will remain normal but certain unwanted expenses can trouble you every now and then.

On the other hand, those natives who have been dreaming of going abroad can finally witness the fulfillment of their dreams. Some Capricorn natives may also have to go on a work related long distance trip. Spending time with your kith and kin will be good for you, during this transit period. Time spent with your relatives will help you gain some mental peace, and you will also be able to get out of any tangles and snafus. Student natives may get a chance to go on a school trip during this time, while some Capricorn natives may read books and novels by great authors to increase their knowledge.

There are chances of good results for Aquarius natives because the transit of Mercury will take place in your eleventh house , or your House of Income and Gains. First and foremost, beginning with your economic aspect, this transitory motion will resolve many of your financial problems, and you will be successful in repaying your old debts. Happiness will prevail in your family life as well and you will spend some blissful moments with your spouse and children.

Moving on to your social life, your activeness will increase socially and this time can also expand your friend circle. You may even plan to go on a vacation with your friends. Your sharp and brilliant mind will help you gain profits in numerous aspects of life. If you have a feeling that you are not obtaining the desired results of your tasks then you need to review them again.

Aquarius natives in love may get a present for their beloved to make them happy. Some of them can even propose to their lover, for their hand in marriage, during this time period. The transit of Mercury in your tenth house or your House of Career or Profession will bring an increment in the self-confidence of Pisces natives. You will be successful in defeating your opponents with the help of your logical abilities. During this time period, your enemies will be afraid of even facing you. You will be able to complete your pending tasks and while your family life will remain normal, but you will receive good results in your marital life.

You will grow closer to your spouse and spend some romantic moments with them. You may also spend some of your monetary resources on clothes. Moreover, you will finally reap the profits of the hard work you did, to improve your career and give it a boost. The situation of student natives will also improve and you will be able to explain even the hardest subjects to your classmates. However, you need to take proper care of your health too, alongside your studies. Socially, you can become the centre of attraction on showcasing your talents in front of others.

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